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Why Choose a Designated Realtor?

Understanding the significance of Realtor designations can greatly enhance your real estate transactions. Tierra Antigua Realty prides itself on a commitment to excellence through rigorous training and specialized education.

Understanding Realtor Designations

The Importance of Realtor Designations

Realtor designations signify a real estate agent’s commitment to enhancing their knowledge and expertise beyond the standard licensing requirements. These designations, recognized by the real estate industry, involve rigorous coursework and practical experience, ensuring that agents are well-equipped to handle complex transactions and client needs.

At Tierra Antigua Realty, designations such as Pro, Expert, and Master represent a structured path of advanced professional development. Each level is designed to build on the last, providing agents with a deep understanding of all aspects of real estate transactions, from contract writing to sophisticated negotiation strategies.

Why are these designations important? They assure clients that their Realtor has undergone extensive training and has proven their ability to manage real estate dealings with superior competence and professionalism. This peace of mind is invaluable when making significant financial decisions involved in buying or selling property.

Explore Our Realtor Designations

Agents who have earned the Tierra Antigua Pro Designation have completed 15 classes and more than 34 hours of classroom and field training. This designation is focused on the core competencies. These include contract writing, listing agreements, Buyer and Seller negotiation and preparation, pricing strategies, escrow, title, loans, marketing, field training, and software. When you’re hiring a Pro you can be assured your Realtor has gone well above and beyond the state required minimum training requirements.

The Tierra Antigua Expert Designation is earned when agents complete the Pro designation as well as an additional 9 classes, including courses focused on building their business, and providing the best representation for you, their client. Agents that carry this designation are experts in the NAR tools offered and can utilize those resources. They receive additional training in all documents and scenarios that may arise during a transaction. Rest assured you are in great hands with a REALTOR that has acquired an Expert Designation.

Tierra Antigua agents that hold the Master Designation have completed all Pro and expert requirements, as well as 9 master classes, and have successfully completed 6 transactions over the past 24 months, representing at least two sellers and two buyers. They are also required to get involved in the industry with their local REALTOR Association or Multiple Listing Service by attending trainings or meetings that are offered. The Master courses include education that is focused on working with residential income properties, 1031 exchanges, manufactured homes, luxury properties, and land transactions. These agents are motivated to gain the most knowledge and master the Real Estate industry with their additional expertise. 

What Our Clients Say

‘Working with a Tierra Antigua PRO designated agent made all the difference. Their deep understanding of contracts and negotiation helped us secure our dream home under budget.’

Steve O.

Happy Homeowner

‘Our Tierra Antigua EXPERT agent was phenomenal. The additional training they receive was evident as they navigated complex scenarios with ease, ensuring a smooth transaction.’

Lydia D.

Successful Investor

‘Choosing an agent with the MASTER Designation from Tierra Antigua was the best decision for our luxury property purchase. Their knowledge in high-end real estate and negotiation skills were unmatched.’

Byron R.

Luxury Property Buyer

Discover the Difference with Our Designated Agents

At Tierra Antigua Realty, we pride ourselves on the exceptional training and qualifications our agents possess. Whether you’re buying or selling, partnering with one of our agents who hold prestigious PRO, EXPERT, or MASTER designations means you’re working with the best in Southern Arizona real estate. Don’t settle for less—ensure your real estate transactions are handled by professionals committed to excellence. Reach out today to work with a top-tier Tierra Antigua agent.

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