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Corona De Tucson

City: Tucson, Arizona
County: Pima

Corona de Tucson, situated southeast of Tucson, Arizona, is a hidden gem surrounded by breathtaking desert landscapes and scenic mountain views. This charming community offers a mix of outdoor adventures, family-friendly activities, and a relaxed desert lifestyle.

Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the nearby Rincon Mountains and Saguaro National Park East, where hiking trails wind through the Sonoran Desert, providing opportunities to encounter diverse flora and fauna. The popular Seven Falls Trail offers a rewarding trek to a series of cascading waterfalls amid the desert terrain.

Corona de Tucson is a haven for golf enthusiasts, with the Fred Enke Golf Course providing a picturesque setting for a round of golf against the backdrop of the Rincon Mountains. Additionally, the area hosts equestrian facilities, allowing residents to enjoy horseback riding through the scenic desert landscape.

Families can spend quality time at local parks, such as Agua Caliente Park, known for its ponds, wildlife, and serene atmosphere. The nearby Fantasy Island Mountain Bike Park offers biking trails for various skill levels, making it a favorite spot for cyclists.

Community events and gatherings contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of Corona de Tucson. Residents can partake in local festivals, farmers’ markets, and social activities that foster a strong sense of community.

With its combination of outdoor recreation, natural beauty, and a welcoming community spirit, Corona de Tucson provides a serene and enjoyable lifestyle for those seeking a peaceful retreat in the scenic desert surroundings of southern Arizona.